CannPrint - FTP Uploads

Upload Artwork by FTP

We have made a public FTP folder available allowing easy upload of large artwork files. If you wish to use this facility please email and access details will be provided.

FTP Upload Instructions

  1. Obtain access details from
  2. Configure your FTP Client to access our server and log in
  3. Create a folder and name it using your company name and the job you are uploading eg. 'My Design Co - Some Company's Business Cards'
  4. Open your folder and upload all the relevant job files into it including any font files etc.
  5. Email with a message saying that you have uploaded artwork and the name of the folder you used

Please note it is recommended than only those with previous FTP experience use this facility as at this time we are unable to provide technical help with regard to FTP Client Configuration.

What happens next?

Once we have received your email and downloaded the artwork your folder will be deleted as storage space on the FTP server is limited.

What if I want to email my artwork?

Artwork submissions by email can be accepted. Send all artwork to stating clearly your Name, Company, Telephone and Order Number.

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